Values, Mission & Goals

The Youth Symphony of Southern Oregon is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing accomplished and aspiring young musicians with opportunities to expand their knowledge of classical music by learning and performing diverse orchestral repertoire and chamber music.


The Youth Symphony of Southern Oregon organization believes in the value of classical music in communities and that music instruction is an essential component of a comprehensive education. The YSSO believes that music has intrinsic value in our lives and communities and that it has instrumental value in learning and achivement. The YSSO believes that the development of skills must be nurtured through best practices and high-quality resources. The YSSO believes that music and music education must be available to all without regard for cultural or geographic considerations or economic status. The YSSO seeks to inspire community support for classical music and to promote its value through public performances and music education programs. The YSSO organization is dedicated to artistic quality, fiscal integrity, thoughtful governance, professional management and careful stewardship of community resources.


The Youth Symphony of Southern Oregon organization provides exceptional performance experiences and training under the leadership of professional conductors and music coaches and encourages a lifelong appreciation of classical music and the arts.


The goals of the YSSO organization are to:

  • ensure access to high-quality training and performance opportunities;
  • develop music technique, as well as interpretive and performance skills;
  • promote teamwork, respect, empathy, discipline and cooperation;
  • work with professional musicians and cultural networks;
  • supplement programs in schools; and to
  • build audiences for classical music by providing accessible and affordable cultural enrichment.